This collection is called "FAIOKI Tourbillon Style XI" which is FAIOKI's own branded watch.

This is where the fun begins, as a customer you now have the choice of mix and match, a cool and easiest way to customize your own Faioki Tourbillon style watch into a sporty type or a business luxury looking one. 

Choose the already combined watch case dial color and the watch case and the accent color and then choose the strap type material and then the color available

True to the value of Faioki's core statement of providing great values to our customers, we have produced a watch that provides traditional timekeeping value while providing the fashionable hype to those that are concerned.

This collection should appeal to a broad audience of watch collectors and Fashion conscious individuals.

We have already assembled some of the combinations and given it a name but you might have a new idea. Do as you wish and just tell us at checkout your own combination. Even if we have not shown a color strap, we will try to get one for you.....

Cheers and have fun.