Instruction for adding to cart and then payment

Dear Customer, 


Please chose your currency  first at the bottom of the page.



Adding to cart

If you would like to add a product to the shopping cart, please use the following steps:-

1) Browse through the picture and see which one you like.

2) From the dropdown menu at the centre of the product page, choose the variant that you want.

3) Press "Buy it now"

4) Your chosen product on the drop down box will be added.

5) Please note that if you don't perform 2) above first, the product added to cart will NOT be the product shown in the picture. The product added to cart is always equal to the product shown in the variant dropdown box ONLY.

6) If you are a subscriber, you will just need to log in if not already and proceed to check out. However, if you are a new customer, you will need to register first with your details including address, email and telephone number to ensure when the product is delivered, the courier service can contact you and deliver the goods to your address in our system. 

7) After registering, proceed to checkout and choose payment option.

8) Afterwards, once order is made, you will get a notification email from Faioki.

9) Once we have a tracking number, we will email that to you and you can then track your product whenever you wish.

Your Privacy is very important to us and we comply to all privacy data protection policies . Consent , rentention of your personal data are compliant and please read privacy policiy page at the bottom of the page "Policies"



1) 瀏覽圖片,看看你喜歡哪一張。

2) 從產品頁面中央的下拉菜單中,選擇您想要的產品。


4) 您在下拉框中選擇的產品將被添加。

5) 請注意,如果您不先執行上述 2),則添加到購物車的產品將不是圖片中顯示的產品。添加到購物車的產品始終等於僅在變體下拉框中顯示的產品。

6) 如果您是會員,則只需登錄(如果尚未登錄)並繼續結帳。但是,如果您是新客戶,您需要先註冊您的詳細信息,包括地址、電子郵件和電話號碼,以確保產品送達時,快遞服務可以與您聯繫並將貨物運送到我們系統中的地址。

7) 註冊後,繼續結帳並選擇付款選項。

8) 之後,一旦下單,您將收到 Faioki 的通知電子郵件。

9) 一旦我們有了跟踪號,我們就會通過電子郵件將其發送給您,然後您可以隨時跟踪您的產品。