About us


We are a Seagull watch distributor in Hong Kong.

Our company was founded in 2004 and based in Hong Kong and this is our first venture into mechanical watches which has been inspired by the founder's Grandfather's career as a Professor in Physics and used to play mechanical toys with him for many years during his childhood.and has inspired him to like anything mechanical. This has eventually led him to like mechanical timepieces and the general interest in horology.

But the real story of why our brand is called Faioki starts with this story. To begin with, our founder's name is Fai and this is our story.

The early years at school is not to be proud of and he was very slow in understanding anything at school and has always been near the bottom of his class. He was not making his Grandfather proud at all and he felt sad as the Grandfather was a professor at the University of Hong Kong afterall.

But as he spent more time with his Grandfather assembling mechanical models, He learnt about the logic of physics and the mind was opening up.

One day, he was alone by himself for one whole hour with a windmill model and within that one hour, he was able to put all the pieces together without any help from anyone, He did not feel anything special at that moment in time and he just showed the finished windmill to his grandfather when he came back. but he was overjoyed with the fact that Fai finished it by himself. He gripped Fai and said in a very proud voice "Never give up on anything that you do as "Fai you are OK ! , you are not slow and you are a clever boy. Ever since then our Founder Fai remembered his Grandfather's saying "Fai you are OK" and from that moment onwards, He knew that he would be able to be inspired by what his Grandfather has taught him and also on what he said on that day.

And that day is now and forever built into the Faioki brand of not giving up on any challenges. We therefore would like to thank you the Grandfather for encouraging us to believe in ourselves to do what we have passion for.

We at Faioki has now the following objective statements to satisfy our most important asset, our Customers. That is :-

1) Say OK from the start, and be helpful to our customers.

2) To provide the best customer service

3) To provide the best pricing to our customer

4) To design and provide the best range of watches and accessories by being the trend setter and analyse the mass market and come out with the best for you

5) last but not least, provide happy customers!

We are happy to seek any type of products to you.

please send email to Support@faioki.com