1) Can I get a refund or return my product

Ans : Please refer to our refund and return policy page the quick answer is Yes with conditions

2) When will I get my bought goods

Ans : We will notify you when we have fulfilled your orders and will usually be around 10 to 15 days

3) Is there a warranty

Ans:Yes we will provide a 2 years warranty for Exclusive room products and 1 year for the remaining products.

4) Is my payment secure

Ans:Yes we use state of the art security for payments and we use market practise gateways and payment methods

 5) Do I need to setup account before buying from Faioki

Ans: Yes you do as it will be good to keep a tidy history of your transactions and we sometimes will send out discounts to our registered customers

6) Shipping 

Ans : We will provide free shipping which will be > 20 days during COVID19 and there is an option to pay for fast delivery using courier.