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The company's R&D capabilities and key technologies have always maintained on par with regional competitors and now moving into the arena of world-class peers. In fact its history involved Swiss watchmaking knowhow via Venus AG having acquired some of the technology. 
The absorption of Hong Kong back to China has also helped some engineers to upscale themselves with world-class technologies and methodologies.
"Seagull" brand are produced in the birthplace of China's first watch-Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Company (formerly Tianjin Watch Factory) by merging and acquiring various smaller manufacturers. Since then it has grown from strength to strength. 
Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in passing the ISO quality management system certification in the same industry across the country. And has a rigorous management, high-quality, sophisticated sales team, marketing "Seagull" brand watches all over the country, and now also in HK.
Warranty and Guarantee 
All Products guaranteed Genuine authenticity or money back guaranteed. All watches with seagull movement are NOT always Genuinely from SEA GULL factory but our watches here are all Genuine and from the factory.
All SEAGULL tourbillon movements have a lifetime guarantee without manmade water damage.
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We will help you to take care of your watch post sale without your worries. 
We guarantee lowest SEAGULL prices too...