What luxury goods to buy now that you have made a huge Winfall on the stock market


"Hong Kong stocks, undeterred by new security law, rise with Asia"


"China Market Update: Hong Kong's Galloping Growth Stocks .."


"As the Hong Kong economy took a hit in the first quarter, the Hong Kong stock market rose."

"The Chinese stock market started to rise strongly this week"

“The Hong Kong stock market has been performing strongly since June...."

The aforementioned headlines on newspapers are now very common lately and many people in the stock market has caught the wave and made millions trading Chinese based stocks that are independent to the economy of the US.

It's time to celebrate this success by buying something you like and I am sure this is some kind of luxury goods so you can enjoy the money and may be even contribute back to the economy? but wait, which economy are we talking about?  Well of course, the HK and also the Chinese economy.
So, you might ask me what type of luxury goods can I buy which is being sold in HK but made in China?  To your surprise, there are not that many luxury goods that are made in China and considered a luxury brand. Well, an industry that has been quietly working its way up the value chain for a number of years is the humble watch industry.

As you know, a pure mechanical engineered watch without a battery is the only kind of watch that can be called a real watch, a watch with a soul and a heartbeat.
There are four major mechanical watch manufacturers with good branding  in China which are thriving, Seagull, Hangzhou Watch Co (HWC), Shanghai and Beijing. The China Watch industry started off as small boutique manufacturers, until the government requested these to be amalgamated into larger companies in 1953, such as Tianjin Watch Co. along with other smaller ones that became SEA-GULL. It is one of the largest manufacturers of mechanical watches in the world by output today, this is not well known because foreign press discount these watches as purely "Chinese" made watches, and the sale of Swiss or European watches are the only ones counted. The volume came purely from domestic consumption but now this is changing and the world is watching and also buying them! One of the "lifechanging" events  which triggered this was when a Chinese firm bought out CORUM, a famous Swiss watch brand in 2013 by Haidian Holdings Limited group of China. 

Now stepping back, everything was already ticking away as they say thanks to Breguet for inventing the complex function of the tourbillon in 1795 in France and then the Swiss kept on perfecting it and applied it to the wristwatch instead of the pocket watch of which it was intended for.

Fast forward to the 20th century, 1990 in fact was when the 1st Tourbillon was born in China and became the watch industry's obsession, as the normal complications were not interesting nor expensive enough while Chronographs , and perpectual calenders were too busy on the dial and was not the Chinese cup of tea. So the obsession stuck with Tourbillons. 

To come up with the perfect piece of machinery, companies invested millions into perfecting their own with the Government support. 

For many decades now since 1990, China has become an important participant in tourbillon manufacturing but purely and slowly for the domestic market.

Two main names: SEA-GULL and Hangzhou Watch Co., Ltd. (HWC) are now selling to overseas buyers. One in final products and the other one in caliber movements respectively. Shanghai and Beijing watch companies are more for domestic consumption although they too are becoming famous overseas due to the internet. 

Since the 18th century, the TOURBILLON watch has been a highly sought-after complication watch, purely out of its historic engineering and architectural background and the magnificent splendor provided to those lucky enough to afford one.
If you like watches, you will know what a Tourbillon is, basically a function to ensure the influence of gravity on the accuracy of the watch is eliminated. This is now basically been made obsolete by Quartz watches but they are called soul-less watches and not taken seriously, as the Swiss did not invent this and was the Japanese.

Due to the man-hours needed to make Tourbillon complications plus the continuous improvement and R&D needed to stay ahead, it has made this type of watches the most expensive in the whole world. Some people call it the millionaire watch. Some are in the price range of houses or above. It means you are wearing a house, boat or car on your wrist.

Some of us do buy these. Here are some great examples:

1) USD 3.85-Blancpain Pain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel

2) US$4.6 million:-Louis Moinet "Meteoris"

3) US$10 million: Bao gue Hora Mundi

Well, I think you have the idea. If you want to spend that much money on a watch, please go ahead and I will be proud of you, seriously.
But for the rest of us, don’t be disappointed, because you can buy a tourbillon made in China at a price starting around USD 1000 using HWC movements.

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最近的頭條新聞 “不受新國安法約束的香港股票隨著亞洲而上升” “隨著第一季度香港經濟受到打擊,香港股市上漲” “中國股市本週開始強勁上漲” “香港股市從六月開始就表現強勁,在特朗普發表講話稱“長期批評中國,但行動不力”之後,股市創下了自三月以來的最大漲幅。” SCMP以上的頭條新聞最近非常普遍,對於那些賺了上百萬的股票市場中的每個人來說都是好消息。 現在是時候買啲好東西,為經濟做出貢獻來慶祝這一成功的時候了,但是等等,哪個經濟幫到你們賺錢?當然,中國經濟。 那麼,您可能會問我可以從中國經濟中購買哪些奢侈品.....令您驚訝的是,這是機械手錶。如您所知,不帶電池的純機械工程表是唯一可以稱為真正手錶,具有靈魂和心跳的手錶 中國有四大手錶製造商,海鷗,杭州手錶有限公司,上海和北京。中國手錶行業的開始是大多數是小型精品店製造商直到1953年政府要這些小型店合併了成更大的公司,如天津手錶和其他小廠家如今已成為SEA-GULL。它是全球產量最大的最大機械表製造商之一。普通的外國商評論家都將這些手錶打折為純粹的“中國”手錶,而瑞士手錶的銷量甚至還不高。這全都歸功於國內消費和一些外國幫助。但是,它們怎麼能成為奢侈品呢?感謝1795年Breguet發明了陀飛輪複雜功能,現在中國已成為陀飛輪製造的重要參與者。兩個主要名稱:SEA-GULL和杭州手錶有限公司(HWC) 自18世紀以來,TOURBILLON腕錶一直是備受追捧的複雜功能表,純粹出於其歷史悠久的工程建築背景和為佩戴它的幸運人士提供的瑰麗輝煌。 如果您喜歡手錶,您將知道Tourbillon是什麼,並且基本上可以採用確保重力對手錶誤差的影響被消除的功能。由於進行的研究和投入的工時,不斷的完善和進一步的創新使這類手錶成為最昂貴的手錶。有人稱其為百萬富翁手錶。有些在房屋或以上的價格範圍內。意思是您的手腕上戴著房屋,船或汽車。 我們當中有些人會這樣做,下面是一些示例: 1) USD 3.85-寶珀(Blancpain)Pain Le Brassus Tourbillon Carrousel ⬆️ 2) 460萬美元:-路易·穆尼(Louis Moinet)“ Meteoris” ⬆️ 3) 1000萬美元:Bao gue Hora Mundi ⬆️ 好吧,你一定明白我説什麼了。如果您想在手錶上花那麼多錢,請繼續,我將為您感到驕傲。 但是,對於我們其餘的人,不要失望,因為您可以從7.8千港幣的價格購買中國製造的陀飛輪,為中國經濟做出貢獻。 有關這些的更多信息,請看我們的網站: https://faioki.com/collections/vip-collection


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