Faioki Tourbillon Style "The Golden Tree" Skeleton Automatic watch 45mm long 40mm wide

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"The Golden Tree" design is a tribute to two BANYAN trees in Hong Kong that are frequented by tourists and locals during the Lunar New Year where they wrote their wishes on joss paper tied to an orange, then threw them up to hang in these trees. It was believed that if the paper successfully hung onto one of the tree branches, these wishes would come true.  The tree has become fragile and weak since 2005 and the government has restricted the throwing now.

For our watch, we have used the Rose Gold Case to represent the wealth while using a beautiful dark green leather strap to represent the tree.

This is the most classic and yet fashionable design providing a warm cozy feeling on your wrist.

This color is for formal wear while our accessories collection of Steel band and Silicone straps for this watch can meet other more casual desired looks. Please add your other straps request at the checkout.

Created with passion love, and Joy.

Guaranteed for one year

Some details include : 

1) Automatic

2) Energy to last overnight with a running watch even getting up late of 38 hours

3) The movement is high quality with daily leakage of +-2secs

4) Frequency of 21600 keeping the watch accurately as possible

5) Stainless steel case and in Tonneau shape up to 43mm long. and 40mm wide with lug to lug roughly 50mm. 

6) Dial comes in various colors and with an exposed balance wheel and gears. A true tourbillon style watch.

7) Easy removable 22mm wide Silicone strap with a lockable buckle

8) Upto 30m underwater or 3 ATM

9) 1-year guarantee on movement without water damage 


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