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This is one of our cheapest tourbillon watch in our collection. It is also one of our favourite round skeleton watch with the pedigree of the movement from SEAGULL design.

You can see the tourbillon moving and turning smoothly through the tourbillon cage and is one of the most soothing therapy one can do on a minute basis to your soul. This is one of the benefits of a tourbillon that can be harnessed and is usually not written in any literatures. I can assure you if you do not own a tourbillon already, please do so and you will be rewarded accordingly. And to top this off, this is one of the cheapest and you will never find another one with this striking design and with this price.

Buy one now and be soothed. 



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Furthermore, you may want to buy an Era timepieces tourbillon which has been tooted as the cheapest tourbillon out there, after investigation, we can tell you that the movement for their first model "prometheus" is from Hangzhou and the price can be alot cheaper than being sold. Oh by the way, Hangzhou is not a town in the USA but is in China.


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