How does a mechanical watch work? Do I need a watch these days?

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So how does a mechanical watch work, it is basically a machine that can generate energy and stores energy, releases the energy slowly at a consistent way showing the time, date and other functions like stop watch , alarm and calenders. If you think about it, this is harder than you think. But this was invented many moons ago and its still quite diificult for layman to understand. That is why we should respect those guys still making them. 

These days, Younger generations probably dont wear a watch. Because we have a cell phone ! Do we really need a watch then? Yes for sure but it serves a different purpose then the old days. It provides various purpose to different people nowadays but telling the time definitely is probably very low. Its a staus symbol or "investment" for high end watches but what about watches that are being sold here? They are for sure something that is fun to own and nowadays more than anything a fashion statement.  Fashion is very subjective and thus you will see various watches here to suit everyone. Please let us know if you would like to see a kind of watch that you cannot find here and send to

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