Our Exclusive room houses the world's first Chinese Tourbillon watch maker - Seagull

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Now known to the world as the Sea Gull or Tianjin watch company is a state-owned enterprise (SOE) but their history started of very interestingly......

At the end of 1954, according to the plan of "filling the industrial gap", the Tianjin Light Industry Bureau approved the establishment of a watch trial production group. The four domestic watch elites at that time, Jiang Zhengyin, Sun Wenjun, Wang Cimin, and Zhang Shuwen, only rely on the 100 yuan allocated by the bureau, Guarding 4 simple instruments in a small house, they began their trial production plan. After more than 100 days of hard work, they finally developed the "China's first watch" at 5:45 on March 24, 1955. , Which sounded the ticking sound of the first watch in China's watchmaking industry. This watch was named "five-star" watch, and there were 3 gold words "made in China" on the dial and a gold star. After expert appraisal and evaluation, the daily difference of this watch when facing upwards is about 90 seconds, and the daily difference when lying flat down is about 60 seconds, and the travel time is basically normal

Their first watch looked like this :

Since China's first watch was made before May 1st (Labour day), the factory leaders decided to name the brand "Five Stars" as "May Day" and changed its name to "Tianjin May Day Watch Factory" until 1966.

The Tianjin scientific research personnel of Wuyi Watch Factory, through their own design and research and development, finally produced a new mechanical watch, which was finally named "Dongfeng" meaning "East Wind", 

and this formed an epoch in today's "Seagull" watch, "Dongfeng" in 1973 entered the international market under the trademark of "Seagull" and became China's first export watch, so the reputation of the Seagull brand watch rose.


And there is another household watch brand that grew up with the Tianjin watch factory. That is the "Shanghai" watch factory. The first military watch in China was produced by the Shanghai watch factory. The Shanghai watch factory borrowed at that time Rolex's technology of the A623 and made their own version with calendar/shockproof function.

This is often confused with Seagull as they both started about the same time.


Seagull is one of the few Chinese watch manufacturer now producing the traditional Tourbillon with the circulating cage that was designed to minimize the gravity effect on the movement of the oscillating balance springs when during the old days, the pocket watch was always put vertically inside the vest pocket. Nowadays, of course, this is basically made obsolete because of the fact that we wear them on our wrist and also other technologies such as Quartz watches, but in general, watches are a fashion statement and to tell the time these days, one can just look at the cell phone and be done with it. But somehow we just love the look of a nice watch on our wrist and we will wear them to make us feel happy and fashionable and Yes tell the time too conveniently.



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