Difference between Tourbillon style watch or ( Open heart ) vs Genuine Tourbillon

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One might want to know why there are such a big difference in prices amongst tourbillon watches and we at Faioki can tell you that those watches who claim to be Tourbillon are in fact Tourbillion Style watches, which means the dial has an open heart where you can see the balance wheel spinning, this is just a standard mechanical watch.

An example of an open heart watch is : 

Open Heart Watch

 A true Tourbillon which comes in various engineering design has one thing in common, the balance wheel spins as well as rotate around an axis with the purpose of negating the error caused by the effect of gravity. Please see the picture above which shows a tourbillon style watch and the picture below showing a real Tourbillon watch with a rotating cage.

An example of an authentic tourbillon is :




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