Can I afford a Genuine Tourbillon in my lifetime?

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Fortunately for the reasons below,  Yes you can afford one ! but first of all, let me begin with an analogy of wanting to buy an European sports car.

As with any car Connoisseurs, one of the goals in life is to drive a well respected two-door Sports car depending on if you have a deep pocket and if you don't, well, back in the old days, this would have been quite difficult as these type of cars were expensive and more affordable ones were limited or the quality wasn't there. ie they will rust away. I would love to talk more about sport cars but this is a watch forum and so to save time, in today's automobile market, qualities have improved dramatically from the older days and one can buy sport cars from a variety of manufacturers around the world (mainly Asia) with the performance as well as the quality (or even better) of the Ferrari kind very easily. ie BMW M8 / Lexus LC500 / Toyota Supra / Kia Stinger at a fraction of the cost of a Ferrari.

Well in the horology world, watch Connoisseurs have a craving for the best type of watches, that is being the Tourbillon, and prices for these are generally very high and yes sometimes to the like of a house. Well that is the old days and just like the automobile world, great Tourbillon watches are now available at a fraction of the cost of an old school manufacturer from Switzerland. But where can I find them ? Can I afford a tourbillon ? an I afford a tourbillon in my lifetime?

Well load and behold, Faioki has sourced some Tourbillons where you can buy with the budget of a normal watch. And yes just like the sports car, you can now afford them with the performance of the more expensive ones from Asia. Of course, one still cannot compare an Asian Tourbillon with those made in Switzerland in terms of comparing with the Jones' vanity, but they are good enough and acceptable to the watch fanatics out there and have a fan base as well. So here I am recommending our affordable collections to those Watch fanatics who wish to own a Tourbillon watch at our Exclusive Room collection section. Of course, some of them are also expensive but we are talking about the best already.

Tourbillon Collection

Please refer to our previous post to find out what is the difference between Open heart or what we term Tourbillon Style and Genuine Tourbillon watches

Differences here

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