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Watches have come a long way from the humble beginning of the sundial where the only movement was the Sun ! 
I do believe back then, it would have been a fun thing to do to " watch" the shade of the gnomon moving around the dial ! 

It was not fun at all and unuseable during winter months.... so further invention came into play. Human nature is to perfect the result and outcome of anything that seems to be imperfect. The evolution of the " watch" began and the rest is history as they say until 1795 where Breguet invented the Tourbillon. It was invented as a tool to again solve a problem. The problem of gravity on the inaccuracy of the pocket watch at that time, It was created as a useful functional mechanism  and not as a piece of art at that time. This was the case until the modern era of the quartz watch began where accuracy was not an issue anymore.

Watch makers were sitting around thinking we have solved the problem of inaccuracy in a watch but what now? what are we going to do now ? where are we going? Every other complications of different functions that can be added to a mechanical watch have been produced and perfected. What to do now? 

One industry obviously was and still is the quartz watch industry where designs have come a long way. This is however seen as really not the true watch. 

Another niche industry of multifunctional watches began from Japan Casio / Seiko / Citizen company in the beginning and ended up with much more advanced brands such as Apple and fitbit ... where endless functions were created within a watch. Alot of people were converted and still being converted to using Apple watches but the main problem some traditionist says is that it does not have a soul. Some embrased both the mechanical and the multifunctional watches while some still do not and again see this as rather not a watch but a computer on your wrist. 

Another niche or rather the mainstream of watch makers went back to the drawing board of mechanical watches and began to reinvent the mechanical watch with new materials and cost efficiencies. Various countries of non watch makers began making better and cheaper watches while the Swiss makers began making watches more beautiful and more fun and decadent. This really is where the traditionist watch makers are going and one of the niches here is the Tourbillon where the negation of gravity function is not the main reason tourbillon is made anymore but rather to show how resourceful a company is in producing something that is really not required. Well it has become a piece of art, a show of decadent, a show of success , a show of wealth and a show of just pure interest in horology.  This is really where the watch industry is moving towards but most importantly, this journey is a  fun one for both the watch makers and the end owners of these unbelievable fun and yet beautiful piece of art. 

We have some examples of these here at Faioki with some traits of the above. Most importantly we want to sell watches that we think are well valued for their authenticity and aestheticity. 

SeaGull Chinese watches including Tourbillons and non Tourbillons are great complications where you can ensure the prices paid are kind to your pocket along with the top quality and attractive dial you will get from Switzerland but much more affordable.

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