SEAGULL watches and Chinese watch manfacturers, Is SeaGull a good watch brand?

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Is seagull a good watch brand ?
"Seagull" brand watches have a history of 64 years since their birth in 1955. The 64 years of development has laid a solid technical foundation for the manufacture of "Seagull" watches. It has now become a major watch movement manufacturer and designer of world-class timepieces, A watch production base integrating assembly and sales. 
"Seagull" brand watches were rated as "Chinese Famous Brand" products by the country. The Seagull Watch Group takes independent innovation capabilities into creating an international brand and is now well known.
Since 2002, the Seagull Group has invested more than 100 million yuan in total, and has successively introduced world-class watchmaking equipment into the factories and research centers. Established a flexible production line for new products, and improved independent innovation capabilities on the basis of digestion and absorption of knowledge from homegrown engineers. The company's R&D capabilities and key technologies have always maintained on par with regional competitors and now moving into the arena of world-class peers.
The absorption of Hong Kong back to China has also helped some engineers to upscale themselves with world-class technologies and methodologies.
"Seagull" brand watches are produced in the birthplace of China's first watch-Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Company (formerly Tianjin Watch Factory), and Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for sales.
Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in passing the ISO quality management system certification in the same industry across the country. And has a rigorous management, high-quality, sophisticated sales team, marketing "Seagull" brand watches all over the country, and now also via official distributor into Hong Kong via Faioki.
SEA-GULL various style of watches are one of the best from China amongst Hangzhou Watch Company (HWC) and Shanghai watch company,(SWC) These three have the longest history and background within China since 1973 and 1953 respectively. and  I have no hesitation in recommending them to my customers as a trusted movement and watch manufacturer if you are looking for a premium Chinese branded watch. 
"Xiwu" is a brand from HWC and "Shanghai" is a brand for Shanghai watch company. All of the three brands are now on par with various European countries in style and even sometimes in price. With good quality movements and sales presentations, various microbrands in the USA and Europe are using HWC Tourbillon movements which have been very successful such as ERA and Tufina and the latest Aventi watches. 
Faioki has also sourced and tested other Chinese brands which you can have a look at in our Men's and Women's collection. 
We do believe that with Chinese buying out CORUM, there will be other brands that will be sold. Technology will seep through the cracks and the general design and engineering will be much better.
The Chinese are now manufacturing double or even multi-axis tourbillons but I guess it is still not the time to buy those yet but rather stick to the original tourbillon with a single axis.
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